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We showed our own dogs to their Championships and met many wonderful people and dogs. We traveled as far as Kingston in the eastern part of the province down to London in the west, Peterborough in the south and north to New Liskeard making great use of our motor home  which we enjoyed at the time. "Catching the Bug" as show people say was fun! These trips were all great memories for us and never to be forgotten.


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 Memories of Some of Our Dogs

--Tommy was a little gentleman with his girls and with us. He always climbed on Ray's lap and kissed him after Ray fed him and he always walked upstairs after us never before us. He thought his whole life was to breed and once we got a big laugh at him as he thought some stuffed toy Yorkies were real and he was determined to get on the couch to see them. Once up there, he sniffed them all over to make sure he wasn't missing a girl . He was a joy to own. (Rainbow Bridge)

--Britsy was very cuddly.  She would roll on her back asking us to rub her belly and would stay there forever if we let her.  When she whelped she was in charge and defied us to touch her babies until she was ready. We had gone to a breeder to purchase Tommy but when we got there we fell in love with Britsy who was all over us rolling on her back to have her tummy rubbed and wanting into our arms so Ray surprised me and bought her for me . That was the beginning of Tarmar Kennel .  Later Britsy went to live with my best friend Diane and she and Phil gave her the best of care, attention and love. Thank you guys. (Rainbow Bridge)

 Geannie-- Geannie had a beautiful gold but had a strong jealous streak in her.  She hated Britsy especially when Britsy came near me.  She would carry my slipper in her  mouth and sit on the couch as much to say,  " Look how cute I am? " She gave us Ch Tarmar Mickie Mouser and Ch Tarmar Everdear Vickie -G (Rainbow Bridge)

 Ch Tarmar Mickie Mouser-- My T.V dog. Mickie was on National T.V because he was born without bark and this was passed on to some of his get.  It just happened a gentleman was very interested in Mickie and his special voice so asked us to tape him. It was an exciting few minutes as we watched our Mickie on T.V running around the back yard trying to bark at the camera and peeing at the same time. Mickie produced two Champions and many "Could Have Been" Champions . He is still with me at  13 1/2 and has been very healthy all those years.. He has retained his blue colour but his gold has faded.

   Just after he attained his Championship, Mickie was bound he was going to explore the neighborhood so one morning when the courier knocked on the door and Ray opened the door, Mickie was off to investigate the neighbours' yards.  So there was Ray walking down our busy street in his P.Js trying to catch my Mickie before he had a divorce on his hand with people enjoying the whole scene. I have tried getting one more litter from Mickie but have not succeeded so I may have to call on his son and hope a puppy looks like Mickie. I love him and will miss him when he goes.

Ch. Tarmar Whiskey-Jack--Whiskey was my friends' the Emonds pet. He lived with them and was treated like another child.  When they wanted him to be groomed, all they had to say was, "Do you want to go see Kay?" and he was right into his kennel barking his little head off.. He knew he was not allowed into the living room unless it was Christmas  Day as he had a present to open. He could be left alone and he would never go into the living room. This family is mourning Whiskey right now knowing no other dog will be their Whiskey. Thank you Brian, Anne, Amber, Amy and Brandon for being his best friends.(Rainbow Bridge)

Ch Tarmar Baby Shamya

Shamya was out of Bubbles and Mickie.. She was one of Ray's leg warmers as she spent most of her time propped up there keeping him company especially when he began to slow down. She had a stuffed toy which looked like a disk and she carried that in her mouth most of the day or just held it there. This started from the time she was a little puppy until she passed on. She looked like she had two big white lips as it folded in her mouth. We called it Shamya's "muff" and when we mentioned it she knew exactly where to find it . We were shocked when she suddenly fell ill and we believe it was caused from a (poisoned?) mouse which I retrieved  from her mouth one day. It was shortly after that that she became ill. (Rainbow Bridge)

Ch.Tarmar Friendly Persuasion  (Written by Lynn her last owner)

Yes , Little bark and fart--she provided many a chuckle over that..When she walked away from you, her little butt was shaped like a duck and as she climbed stairs it waddled like a duck..another chuckle .. yes she was my "BIDDY BITCH".. She was  sweet and cuddly and wonderful but around the boys she was a tyrant hence the name "BIDDY BITCH."As I always said she was MY BIDDY BITCH.  and I loved her so..much..  Still get tears in my eyes when I think of her..there will never be another "BiDDY BITCH" like her .. I carried her around the house in a pouch I made for her when she injured her front paw stepping in a hole outside. Toward the end, I always had her strapped to me.. didn't want to lose  a second of her precious company.. she was truly loved ..always will be ..( Rainbow Bridge)

Thank you Lynn and Daryl  for being so good to Britsy. I knew from the minute she met you she was your dog.



Robben lived to be 16+ years of age. She was our tiniest bitch but always free whelped and had four puppies each time. She turned her lips up at cleaning her puppies so guess who had to do it. I can still recall those little lips turned up in disgust and I didn't blame her . Robben would bounce up and down with her front paws woofing at the same time  when she wanted something or just to say hello. Her little tail wagged constantly at us as she was always happy. She didn't care for rainy days so would look at me almost to say, "Are you nuts, I am not going out in that!. She was one of my bed chums and she cuddled up behind me with her buddy Sand-G who missed her terribly. Often we would have to look for Robben as she liked to climb into open kennels. Once I took her to the vet with another dog unknowingly and he asked what was wrong with the second dog. Once she went home with my friends in their dog crate along with their dog who had stayed with us for a night or two. She loved camping with us so I guess she was making sure she wasn't left behind. I miss that little doll of a dog. (Rainbow Bridge)


Tarmar Baby Tuffy

Tuffy was 2 oz. when he was born.  A mouse sized puppy and his sister was three times his size. I took him to the vet to see if there was anything wrong with him and found he was in good health just every small . His heart was good so I decided I would give it a try. Along with his mother's milk, I fed him every three hours night and day. I started with an eye dropper then a small bottle then added a very small bit of pablum in his milk substitute .I was exhausted  but before long he was walking along the top of his stuffed elephant and making great progress then finally able to eat on his own. The vet was amazed at me being able to save him. He was the  tiniest puppy I ever saw walking and jumping on his elephant . Because he was so small and weak, I didn't even consider docking his tail  so Tuffy had a tail which grew curled over his back and his coat grew to the floor. I couldn't sell him because he needed me. He loved his bath and I would fill the utility tub and he would swim around in it. He would wag that long tail at me when I took him out almost to say,"That was fun!" We had a great deal of fun with him. Ray used to play with him and Vickie-B on the bed and they loved it . Tuffy always acted so proud when I caught Ray with them and yes Ray loved it. It was his favourite past time playing with the dogs and they made no attempt to jump off the bed when he had them.

Tuffy passed away just after Ray and Bubbles. It was just like they went with him. He was seven years old and weighed 3 1/2 pounds .(Rainbow Bridge)

Shamya and Her Cousins in 1998

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